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Friday, August 31, 2007

Laught loudly!!

Yesterday, I went eating with my best high school friend. I'm hyper, lately, I don't know if is the fact I'm eating better and exercicing daily, but...
It's been awhile since we have gone somewhere because she move from our homeplace. So here we are, the both of us, in our local Jungle Jim, where we did go only for a dessert!! I end up eating an onion ring, a smoothie and a brownie!! Me and C where drooling over a blue caraco drink (we were both driving).
So we end up laughing. And if I didn't said it to you before, when I laught I'm loud!!
We went out talking about guy. And the fact that old, ugly men seem to always flirt with us.
Then I talk about my visit to the dentist . I've talk to her about the med stuff yesterday(15 years without going to the dentist put me up with gengivitis!! It's a pain in the ass!!) Anyhow, the hygenist did the cleaning and the X-ray. When everything was done, the doctor came to see me. After the dentist chicchat, and saying to me I should get assurance. I told him I was teaching, that I might get some through there. Then, he told me that his parent were teacher too, and while talking he did a lot of eyed blinking!!
When I told C.(my friend) about that part, she laught her heart out!! She was teasing me :"Whhhhooooo Jill, the dentist has the hot for you!!" And then, she told me that I should have told him if he had a nervous tic. That was my time to laught(I need to keep that in mind for my next visit).
Anyhow, we had a blast and hate to much!! I miss having her around.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 35

Thirteen Things about Jill

Since I just thought it was Thursday, and I don't have much time, here is 13 english/french translation. If you want to have some words translated for next week, post it in a comment, and if I have enough, that would make my next week TT!

1. Dolphin... Dauphin (ask by Rhet)

2. Pleasure ... Plaisir

3. Sky ... Ciel

4. Love... Amour

5. Pain... Douleur

6. Television... Television

7. Post....Entrée

9. Keyboard.... Clavier




13. Dictionnary...Dictionnaire

Sorry for the lack of idea and the word, I'm doing that in a hurry!!

My boy Dwight D'eon just got eliminate from Canadian Idol!! Ge was one of my favorite, since he was from where I went to University, and that I saw his band, Never, a couple of time!! I wanted Jeedee to go home!!!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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ESTP - The "Persuader"
Myers-Briggs Personality Types (Free Test)
ESTPs are action-loving, "here and now" realists with excellent people skills. Informal, risk-taking, fast-paced and adaptable, they are not always in agreeance with rules and regulations. They are tactical problem solvers that desire quick results. ESTPs, who present a friendly and enthusiastic face, are straightshooters that are able to handle criticism.


I'm mad / Je suis fachée

I don't get mad for much thing, but this one gets me really mad, because it's a tabboo thing for me!! Yesterday, my cousin ask me to make a cd with some of her picture. There was more picture than I thought, it annoye me, but this wasn't what got me mad. I was looking at the picture at the same time I was put it in a folder. That is when I saw a serie of 3 or 4 pictures. I see what on those pictures: my two little cousins with karate belt. One had a orange belt, who was his, and the other, who has no notion of karate, because he doesn't do some, in a green belt. My little cousin that does karate, it pass, because he doesn't have the discipline for karate, and almost none at home, and he doesn't understand the respect that we need to give to wearing a karate belt. The one I don't excuse, and that is making me mad, is my cousin, the father of that kid. He dies karate, and have his second degree blue belt, like me, even if it does more time than me that he pratices karate.
Doesn't he understand the respect that we have to have for this sport?? That the belts are the sign of our devotion and the knowledge of the movement and the mentality for this sport? Didn't he realise that those picture were ridicilous?? Didn't he was listening when one of our sensei, instructor or master sansei told to the children that if somebody else wanted to see karate, that he need to go to a pratice??
More I see my cousin going in that sport, more I think that he is only doing this only for exercice. He would never admit that somebody hurt him, especialy a girl or a woman. He hit me on the face, and was aiming all that time for where is the adam apple, when we say all the time that we don't need to hit hard or to not hit on the face. He need to look often if people, especially if his wife is there, are looking at him. And now, those pictures...

Je n'ai pas l'habitude d'être fachée pour beaucoup chose, mais celle-ci me fache beaucoup, car c'est une chose tabou pour moi! Hier ma cousine m'a demandé de lui faire un cd avec certaines de ses photos. Il y avait plus de photos que je croiais, ça m'a un peu écoeuré, mais ce n'est pas ça qui m'a mise en colère. Je regardais les photos en même temps que je les mettais dans un dossier. Là, je tombe sur une série de trois ou quatre photos. Je vois quoi sur ces photos: mes deux petits cousins avec des ceintures de karaté. Un avait une ceinture orange, qui est la sienne puisqu'il est dans le karaté, et l'autre, qui a aucune notion de karaté, puisqu'il n'en fait pas, avait une ceinture verte. Mon petit cousin qui fait du karaté, ça passait, il n'a pas de discipline pour le karaté et presqu'aucune chez lui et il ne comprend pas le respect que l'on doit porter à cette discipline. Celui que je n'Excuse pas, et qui me mets en colère, c'est mon cousin, le père de celui-ci. Il fait du karaté, et il a sa 2ième ceinture bleue, tout comme moi, malgré que ça fait plus longtemps que moi qu'il le pratique.
Est-ce qu'il n'a pas compris que l'on doit avoir respect pour ce sport? Que les ceintures sont le signe de dévouement et de l'apprentissage des mouvements et de la mentalité que promouvoit ce sport?? Est-ce qu'il ne s'est pas aperçu du ridicule de ces photos?? Est-ce qu'il n'a pas entendu lorsqu'un de nos sanseï, instructeur ou master sanseï disent aux enfants que si quelqu'un leur demande pour voir du karaté, qu'ils doivent venir à une pratique??
Plus je vois mon cousin aller dans ce sport, plus je pense qu'il le fait seulement pour faire de l'exercice. Il n'avouera jamais que quelqu'un lui a fait mal, spécialement une fille ou une femme. Il m'a déjà frappé au visage et il visait ou se trouve ma pomme d'adam, lorsque l'on dit de ne pas frapper dur, ou de ne pas viser le visage. Il regarde sans cesse si les gens, spécialement si sa femme est là, le regardent. Et de plus ces photos...


Monday, August 27, 2007

The I-don't-want-to-go wedding

So as promise, I will talk to you about the wedding I was attending on Saturday.
So to my surprise, my cousin wedding dress was beautiful. And it fit her well(she usually wear something at least one size too small for her!)
The tent was well decorated. It was simple, but a couple of balloon and some real flower. Some like round wood candleholder.
But there stop the good part about it. There was no souper, there was only some chips. Those chips were awfull because of the humidity outside. And mooshy. The cooler, or whatever it was, was of questionnable origine.
They didn't have a real band or a real dj!! The one that was playing music, everytime he saw couple of people on the dance floor(who was like 6 plywood put together) cut that song in the middle.
There was no cute guy before like 12:30pm, when we left.
My cousin from Quebec said that she was proud that she didn't come for only the weekend fot just that!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Why do bees have to stink??( I know, I know, I must have mispelled that, but I'm lazy today!!) I just got bit under the foot!! And it hurts!!
How can I dance tonite like that!!
This might be something good part about living in a city. Since it is full on conrete,there is no place that you walk that have grass and flower!!
And I still don't want to go tonight!! Somebody has something better to offer??


I don't want to!!

So tonite, I need to go to my cousin's wedding! And I don't want to!! First, it is under one of those big tent, in her back yard... Did you say mosquitoes and mud(it was raining yesterday!!) The flooring for the dance floor is barely 9 foot by 10!! Did I say that there would probably be a fucking damn cloud of smoke from cigarette and pot?? Cigarette make me sick, and I don't smoke pot!! And did I say this cousin, doesn't respect the fact that I don't do drug?? Each time I see her, she is trying to put me down for this and other thing!! The funny fact, she might have a house, but it is her father that gave it to her, she didn't even finish high school. I might not have a house, but what I have, I got it by myself. I did finish high school, and put myself(with the help of my parents) through university, and I have to Bachelor. And I'm the one paying F%&*@#$ student loan. Does someone want to go there instead of me?? You'll probably get a free high!!!
I'll give you news on how did it went tomorrow, or tonite, depending on the time we arrive!
And in those occasion, I make myself all pretty... And I always find that is a waste of my beauty, because there is nobody interesting or they are all family...

Friday, August 24, 2007


So today, I have something to present to you... Since most of you know that I french, and that I'm a Acadian, I'll offer this to you(at the same time, I celebrating the acquisition of a new antonyme and synonyme dictonnary, your version of the Thesaurus. It's been like ten years since I wanted one!) :
If you want to know the translation of a english word in french(correct and my local version, maybe even a little bit of Québec), put it in a comment.
On next Thursday, I will do my Thursday Thirteen about those.
Have fun, and comment a lot!!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday thirteen # 34

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 things about Daniel Sydor from ShapeShifter

1. Just the fact that I like his band, and that I'm not much into Heavy Metal, makes his band even more special

2. Since I have a thing for dark curly guy hair, I found him attractive the first time I saw him

3. I always had appreciated how drummers keep the beat. And with all that drumming, Daniel has really great arms. Muscular, but not too much that it is gross.

4. Phases of the Moon is one of my favorite songs by ShapeShifter, and it is partly writting by Daniel

5 .He was a total sweetheart when I ask him to sign my cd. He ask me where was I getting that accent from!

6. He tried to say to me a couple of words in french when I told him I was french.

7.He is really smart, I always like a guy that can keep a smart conversation

8. He is really up with every political fact that happen.

9. A guy that has been with his school sweetheart for 14 years, and I find that totaly sweet(but I hate when cute guys like that are taken, even if they are celebrities!!)

10. He has some of the greatest eyes that I ever saw. Some of those who seem to pierce right throught you. (Why that guy is taken??)

11. A man that can appreciate food as much as me(he is a gourmet after all) is really attractive

12. He has this liking of tea with a splash of honey.

13. He is been around the world. Why didn't he take me with him??

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You're Loosely Based!

by Storey Clayton

While most people haven't heard of you, you're a really good and
interesting person. Rather clever and witty, you crack a lot of jokes about the world
around you. You do have a serious side, however, where your interest covers the homeless
and the inequalities of society. You're good at bringing people together, but they keep
asking you what your name means.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.


Je suis belle/ I'm beautiful!

"Maman, t'es belle tu es juste comme Jill!" C'est ce que mes petites cousines viennent de dire à leur mère!!! C'est trop amusant ce que des enfants peuvent dire!!
Ces deux petites filles sont en admiration devant moi(je suis la marraine d'une d'entre elle, et ma cousine,leur mère, me dit qu'elles se batent souvent pour savoir à qui je suis la marraine!!). DEpuis qu'elles sont ici, je me suis fait dire au moins une fois par jour que je suis belle!! C,est bon pour le moral d'avoir des enfants comme ça dans les environs!!

"Mom, you're beautiful, just like Jill!" That is what my little cousins just said to their mom!! It's so funny what some children can say!!
Those two little girls are in admiration in front of me(I'm the godmother of one, and my cousin, their mom, say they fight to know to who I am their godmother!!). Since they've been here, I've been told every day that I'm beautiful!! It's really good for my mood to have children like that around me!!


Monday, August 20, 2007

fortune teller/ liseuse de bonneaventure

Today, I went to see a fortune teller. I have seen that woman before, but the first time, she didn't say too much, and nothing did realise. But this time, she was better!
To start, she said that I was shy when it comes to matter of the heart. I'm a very outgoing person in the other part of my life, but when it comes the time to say to a guy that I found him attractive, I just can't. I'm froze by shyness. I can talk to him about everything else, but to say to him the feeling have , I just can't!!
And she said that I did miss people a lot, and that I was close to my family. I did realise that when I move alone after university. And it made me realise how much family was important for me!!
And now for the men!! Supposely, there is many men that find me attractive!! Where are they?? Or are they from those who don't deserve my attention?? She said too, that a guy that I found attractive, and was around, and is not anymore, and that he would be back, or something like that!! And that a man who was seperated would be interst in me, and would probably become my boyfriend.
And talking about boyfriend, I,m suppose to make one soon. And the fortune teller told that she was seeing thing going fast et that we would be living soon together!! And she said that he would be blond( a blond guy come very often when I got my cards read)!! I have to be carefull to every blong men that I see!!
I would get a new car!! I hope it is a mustang !!
And she said I would go back to some studies!!! Does that mean that one of you will give me a big amount of money so I can go back to the university?? And do the course that I want!!
I have a good healt. And this is the part that it becomes funny!! She ask me if I took some pills from time to time!! I said no. That is when she started to talk to me about the birth pill(the woman is still 80, she might think I don't know about them!!) I was trying not to laugh!!
And that I should keep my mouth shut!! Because some person were jealous of me!! Is it you??
If forgot to say that she said that I was intelligent!! Woman, you don't need to say it to me, I know that since I was a kid!!
She said too, that I was picky, but then I prefer to be alone than in a bad relationship! If I don't like a guy, I'm not gonna be a girlfriend so just won't be single!!(I actually hate people that need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to exist!! One of my friend is like that and I found her so stupid for that reason!)

So, I'm gonna try to keep up with you if her predictions become reality.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai été me faire tirer au cartes. J'avais déjà été voir cette madame, mais le première fois, elle ne m'avait pas dit grand chose, et rien ne s'avait réalisé . Mais cette fois, elle a été un peu meilleure!
Pour commencer, elle m'a dit que j'étais gènée par rapport à ma vie amoureuse. Je suis vraiment une personne extravertie dans le reste de ma vie, mais lorsque vient le temps de dire mes sentiments à un gars que je trouve de mon goût, j'en suis absolument incapable. La gêne me fige!! Je peux parler de tout le reste comme si rien n'était, mais mes sentiments pour lui, j'en suis presqu'incapable!!
De plus, elle m'a dit que je m'ennuiais beaucoup et que j'étais très proche de ma famille. Je me suis aperçue vite que je l'était ennuieuse, lorsque j'ai déménagé seule après l'université. Et ça m'a fait réaliser comment ma famille était importante pour moi!!
Et maintenant pour les hommes!! Il parait que plusieurs hommes me désiraient!! Mais ou sont-ils?? Ou est-ce que se sont des hommes qui ne valent pas mon attention?? De plus, elle m'a dit qu'un gars que j'avais déjà trouvé de mon goût, et qu'il a été dans les environ, et ne l'a plus été, revindrait, quelque chose comme ça!! Et que quelqu'un qui venait de se séparer serait interresé à moi, et que ça serait probablement lui qui deveindrais mon petit ami.
En parlant de petit ami, je suis supposée de m'en faire un dans un avenir proche. Et qu'elle voiait que les choses allaient aller vite et qu'elle nous voiait vivre ensemble!!Et elle a dit qu'il était blond(un blond revient fréquemment lorsqu'on me lit les cartes)! Je dois donc bien faire attention à tous les hommes blonds que je vois!!
J'allais avoir une nouvelle auto!! J'espère que c'est un mustang!!
Elle a dit que je pensais à aller aux études et que j'irais!! ESt-ce que ça veut dire qu'un de vous va me donner beaucoup d'argent pour que j'aille faire les autres études qui me plairait??
Que j'avais une bonne santé. Et là, c'est le bout qui devient rigolo!! Elle m'a demandé si je prenais des pillules de temps en temps!! J'ai dit non. C,est là qu'elle a commencé à me dire qu'il y avait des pillules anti-conceptionnelles(la femme a quand même 80 ans, elle pense peut-être que je suis ignorante!!) Je devais me forcer pour ne pas rire!!
Et je dois garder ma langue de lier, car il y a des personnes qui sont jalouses de moi!!! Est-ce vous??

Donc, je vais essayer de vous tenir aux nouvelles de si les prédictions vont se réaliser.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ok, since I need my 8 hours of sleep, and have a cold, yesterday I was pretty tired!!
So we went out to the 60 anniversary of wedding of some people my mom and aunt know. I was tired, and I had to drive. Do I have to say it is pitch black on the highway!!
So I took a coke zero with me, drink it while driving. So we arrive there, do I need to say the first songs were not that great?? So I was sitting with my cousin, trying, with her, to find a cute guy for moi. I was almost sleeping there, I had an headache. And there was only two cute guys my age there. I did go take two Tylenol, saw one of the first guy. The song were still no good, we look to ourself and decide to go to the local store. We bought each a Red Bull(Red Bull gives wings!). My first ever Red Bull. (I was way better than I thought!!) Drank it. I was coughing, so I bought Fishermanfriend. Had two of that. That is when we realise that both the guy had girlfriend.
And that is when my cousin said that one of the guy had a ugly girlfriend. One that didn't stood up to me...
Did I need to say that I was all pump of all that caffeine in my blood(I don't drink coffee or cappucino).
And that is when I realise I was "quétaine"(sorry don't know the translation of this word!!). We were at a 60 anniversary of wedding and I knew all the song!! It is pathetic!!! Every single song that was playing, I could sing a couple of line!! And some are like 50 years old!!! Some, I don't even like!!!
It was a weird night!!
Oh, I forgot to tell you what we did, my cousin and I!! Since the guys at that were not really cute or single, we decide to go look next door, since there was something. We were not invited to the other party, we said to ourself, we'll said something like "we are trying to find the bathroom" . The door was open, so we were about to go in, when I saw the sign. ACCPPEEA(something like that) meeting. We sneek into the building. They were playing bingo!! Did I need to say more than we didn't enter!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 33

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 things I wanna do before I'm 40

1.Do some bungee jumping / Faire du bungee

2. Do some white water rafting / Faire du rafting

3. Go visit France/ Aller visiter la France

4. Have some of my writting publish/ Avoir quelque chose que j'ai écrit de publier

5. Go sky diving/ Aller faire du parachutisme

6.See the Pacific Ocean / Voir l'Océan Pacifique

7. Go in the CN Tower/Visiter la tour du CN

8. See the Cabot Trail in Cape-Breton/ Voir les sentiers Cabot au Cap-Breton

9. See a pyramid in Egypt/ Voir un pyramide d'Égypte

10. Do another archeologic search / Faire une autre fouille archéologique

11. Bath in the Dead Sea / Me baigner dans la mer Morte

12. See a kangaroo in Australia / Voir un kangorou en Australie

13. See the Great Wall of China/ Voir la Grande Muraille de Chine

14. Taste some sushi / Goûter des sushis

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jack and Sawyer

I watch Lost. I'm watching during the summer, in french, since I watch to much stuff during the winter to keep my tv schedule with watching lost!!
I would like to have the Kate complex!! What is the Kate complex, will you say??
Well, the Kate complex is having the two hottest guys of your place after you!! She has Jack and Sawyer all over her!! Jack, the smart surgeon, clean, looks out for everyone. And then, there is Jack nemesis, Sawyer. Who is rough, has an hidden agenda, takes advantages of every little oportunities he has.
She has slept with Sawyer(did I said that Sawyer was hot)(Josh Halliday too). And Jack saw this and was about to stay with his ennemy, so he won't have to see Kate anymore!!
So this is the Kate complex: having two hot guys, with both interesting personnality and are attractive!!
I won't mind having just half of the Kate complex.

Je regarde Perdu. Je le regarde pendant l'été, en français, puisque je regarde trop d'émission pendant l'hiver, et je ne pourrais pas le faire entrer dans mon horaire!!
J'aimerais bien avoir le complexe de Kate!! Vous vous demandez c'est quoi le complexe de Kate??
Bien, le complexe de Kate, c'est avoir les deux hommes les plus séduisants qui te trouvent de leur goût! Jack et Sawyer sont fous d'elle!! Jack, le chirurgien intelligent, propre, qui prend soin de tout le monde. Et il y a aussi le contraire de Jack, Sawyer. Il est rude, a un agenda caché, prend avantages de toutes les opportunités qui se présentent devant lui.
Elle a couché avec Sawyer(Est-ce que j'ai dit qu'il était SEXY??)(Josh Halliday aussi!). Jack les a vu et il était prêt à rester avec ses ennemies pour ne plus voir Kate!!
Donc, voici le complexe de Kate : avoir deux hommes sexys, avec des personnalités interresantes qui te trouvent attirante.
Ça me déragerait pas de juste avoir la moitié du complexe de Kate!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don't some of you have manners??

I'll try to write between sneezing!!
So, on Sunday, I was invited by a guy to pass some time with him!! I said to myself "Why not?? It's been a while since I had a date."
It's damn allergies, not a cold!!! To the fucking fire wood!!! Why don't we heat the house with something else?? Sorry about the complaining, I'm hate feeling this way!!
It end up not being a date at all. It was not only me and the guy, but one of his friend too. The guy just like talk to me like 15 sentences in 2 hours. I was freaking hungry, and since I wanted to have some time to talk to him alone, I ask him if he wanted to go grap something. He wouldn't.
The guy and his friend were waiting for some other friends to come. When those two friends show up, he left with the first friend. I went to go grap something to eat, because, did I said I was starving?? When I arrive, about an half hour later, they were still not there. So C.(one of the guys that arrive later) ask me if I wanted something to eat(it was steak, I think) and I said no(I had MacDonald's, what could I ask more??). Then, I ask the other one if he was french, because I've hear him said calice and chalet(cottage). So it start doing polite talk, what I was doing...
We end up talking about university. D(the second guy that arrive later) said that he didn't understand why the university was using so poorly translated french manuel!! This started a whole big conversation. A type of conversation I didn't had in a long time!! The type of conversation I had with my friends in university. The type of conversation I really like. We talk about how some people are close minded around here, how Acadians didn't seems to be able to put their past away and think of their future... Mostly of all and everything.
So it ended up that the guy I went to see was a jerk that left me with his friend for a whole 4 hours(C and D were so piss at them, excepcially him, because they were rude of leaving me there after inviting me!). But then, I didn't regret going there, because C and D seems like great guys. And I was invited to go see them where they work and where their band play.
So on Sunday, I met two jerks and two guys that seems great. But it is still weird!!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Damn friend!!

I was going through out our weekly fliers bag, when I felt on an interesting article. It was talking about the result of a study published July 26. It's a study made by reseacher of UCSD and Havard. The result was that our friend, family and lover/spouce had a real impact on our body weight. If our friends have weight problem, we have way more chance to have some.

The report said a person's chance of becoming obese increases by 57 percent if he or she has a friend who became obese, 40 percent if a sibling became obese and 37 percent if a spouse became obese.

So, here again, we have another thing we can accuse our friends of!!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun to have kid around!!

So today, my nieces were around, and since my little cousins live next door, and today was pretty hot!! What can we do when we have four kids, it is hot, and it is sunny??? Did I wonder long?? No!! I said to my cousin: "Wouldn't it be great if we had the springler on??"And since nobody else would play with them in it, guess who played in the springler with the kids?? Me!! In my two pieces bathing suit!! And we lived in the most trafficy part of my homeplace!! But who didn't give a damn, because it was really refreshing?? Who did not give a damn because she had a real great working running after the kid to get them wet?? Who didn't care because she had fun?? ME!!
I like having kid around!! That means that I can do childish stuff, like having a springler on, without being found weird!! And during the winter, is making snowman and slidding that I enjoye doing with the kid!! I would do it by my own, but I would look ridiculous, and 25 after all!!
So all of you, have fun, be young at heart, and get refresh, even if you don't have a pool!!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gene therapy??

Like some of you may already know, my oldest niece has cystic fibrosis. While surfing to the Spark people site(I will talk about that latter this month) I read this passage throught their description of the disease:
Other treatments are being tested, including gene therapy, which involves using an inhaled spray to deliver normal copies of the cystic fibrosis gene to the lungs. Gene therapy is being tested in several medical centers nationwide, but has not been approved for general use. Also, medications are being tested to correct a defective protein, called the CFTR protein, which is made at the command of the cystic fibrosis gene. The defective CFTR protein is responsible for the problems with salt and water regulation that lead to thickened secretions.
I proud of the fact they are trying new treatment for a better way of treating the people who have it. But I am very aware that this therapy, even if might be proven acurate, has something to do with genes. Genes are what makes ON what she is. They are trying to change the genes code, their DNA!!! They have to be really carefull with that!!
Even if it does miracle in a present time, did they calculate the reaction and consequence on the patient in 5 years? 10 years? The rest of their life?
When it comes down to DNA, I don't think we should play god with it, even if in this case, it could help my ON get a normal life. It's something so tricky and complicated!! And I'm afraid that someday, we realised that we have done much more wrong with that genes modification than what the disease we were trying to stop.
Some feed back here!! And I give you full right to disagree!! And if you know someone that genes therapy has work for him/her, please tell me!!!
And if you want the full article here is the link:

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Thursday Thirteen # 32

Thirteen Things about Jill

13 recipes I like to do!!

1.Gluten-free Chicken Finger...Just try this one for the first time this week!! An very good healty alternative to this must...with 50 cal per finger...Treat yourself!!

2. Orange cookies...This is like the best homemade cookie ever!! From all the cookies we do at home, this one is a piece of heaven!!(My older niece saying, she is sitting on me, "moi, j'aime les biscuits à l'orange"!!)

3.Pâté au poulet parmentier... I think that is the name. It's a fancy sheppard pie. the potatoes are mix with some cream cheese. the bottom part is a mix of carrot, peas and chicken with some spice, including nutmeg(I don't heve the recipes with me!! )

4.Date square...Only the one that my mom make is worth to be call delicious!! My mom makes the best I ever taste in my life!Full of dates and the right amount of salt!!

5. Meat pie... The one that we make my older sister, mom and me. The meat is just the right tickness and the crust the right taste!!

6. Cream of mushroom Rice casserole... This is the only recipe I use that my grandma made... It is pretty easy: Cook some vegetables(I usely use carrots wit peas, broccoli and corn, with sometime some bean sprout), if you have left over chicken or other meat, you can mix it up with the vegetables. Cook some minutes rice. Put it on top of the vegetables in a casserole dish. Put some cream of mushroom over the rice, make sure its even. Cook until the cream of mushroom is brownish. I think that is the only healty dish I ever saw my paternel grandma do!!

7.Pouding chomeur...A sponge cake with a lot of brown sugar sauce! What does a girl with a sugar tooth could ask more??

8. Cheesecake...I prefer it with cherries sauce on top, but I tried a couple of version of this classic. I have to try that oreo version kind(I've try one with a mini-cheesecake with a oreo cookie on the bottom, but it's kind of hard to eat!!)

9. Cherries pie...Since I like all those cherries dessert

10. Chicken ball... Since I like a lot of Chinesse food, but this one is almost the only one we did at home.

11. Spagetthi sauce... It takes a lot of time to do it, but when done, it makes a great meal really easy and fast

12.Summer fruit popsicle... This one is a homemade real fruit popsicle that is way healtier than those only sugary water commercial brand. And the good part, you can use your favorite fruit with it!!( This one and #1 comes from the site)

13.Glazed snow peas and carrots... This was the first recipe I've tried with snow peas and it was delicious...The best way to eat carrots!! And it was way more easier than I though!! Come from the site of #12.

And what is your favorite recipes that you can do??

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Sypnosis: So this is the second book of the "Feminine Bibble". Tsippora is a black girl that got adopted by the wise man of the Kings of Madîan. She is destined to not be wed, since of the color of her skin. One day, while she goes to get the daily water for her house, she is attack by some men, when a beautiful stranger save her from their claws! She is immediatly under the charm! He is the stranger she saw in her dreams?? This is nobody else than the Moise of the Bible...After a while, they notice that the attraction feeling is the same for the both of them. But Tsippora gives him an ultimatum: she won't marry Moise until he goes in Egypt to try to liberate the Hebrews!! Welcome to the story of Moise and his journey to get the ten commandements through the eyes of the woman he loved!!
Critic: Since I never hear some other book talking about her, I was enjoying reading Tsippora!! I understand why the religion, if she really exist(and I think she did), wanted to take her out of the story of my religion: she is black(it was a shame that they almost took out all the black people out of the book, and we now know that Eve was black too!) and she had kite a strong mind and attittude...Once again, the Christian religion has put away a woman that was too strong for them!! She is the one that push Moise to go through the journey that made him so important to us...I was proud to hear that her side of the story was represented here!! I'm not that religious, even if I believe, but I enjoyed the non-religious side of the story in this series. So if you want to read all the point of view in the story of the tenth commandements, and see that Moise had a wife, I recommend this book, "Tsippora, the feminine bibble 2"!!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So, today was my fifth karate summer class. We have a little assignement for the next week or two... We have to try developping our chakra. The first part our sansei wants us to focus on is the 3 first point of the chakra!!
So here are the point we will have to try to center, with their respective color:
-Crown: Purple
-Third Eye: Indigo
-Throat: blue
If we can focus those three, sansei told us it would be way more easier for us to do our karate and to have te strengh and energy to do karate and everyday things!!
So the first step I want to do is picturing those 3 colors at the 3 parts of the body correspondant!!
Then I'll try to enline them on a line....
This seems complicated!!


Monday, August 06, 2007

Teaching in middle of the summer?? What??

Did I tell you what happen last Tuesday?? We were only me, the guy where we do karate and one little girl to karate. Sansei N. was not there because he had something for his job or union. And quess who was the highess belt in the 3 of us?? ME!! And do you what does that means??I HAD TO TEACH THE CLASS!!! Me, with my little second degree blue belt, I had to teach a class!! With almost zero experience in teaching karate!! I had to find what was the routine we were going to do !!It is hard to remember the 20 moves we do in the warm-up...Think of it, that is only the warm-up!! Then I had to show a couple of sequence of movement to do!! I had to do it as perfectly as possible!! I had to correct the other two if needed!!
That makes me realise I'm not ready to teach karate...I have a lot more to learn... I think the 3 years that I planned would take me to get my black belt would give me the knowledge and technique I needed to teach that martial art...I have to work a lot, very a lot, on the spiruality part before even considering to be able to obtain my black belt sometime!!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 31

Thirteen Things about Jill
13 places I would like to visit in New-Brunswick

1. Do the walk of the headless nun at night, Miramichi... Miramichi has been on Creepy Canada for this place. It is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of a nun that has been kill there... Would you have the courage of walking in the French Fort Cove during the night and might see her??
2. Magic Mountain, Moncton... It is one of the biggest water parc in the Atlantic, I've been a lot in front of this park, in the Magnetic hill zoo... I want to go try the waves pool, or even the kamikaze slide if I'm couragious
3. Fundy National Park... I've seen picture of it, and I want to visit it myself
4.Cap Enragé... When you hear Zachary Richard song about it, you feel like seeing it. And you can do some rock climing, and other stuff. And the CApe seems quite impressive!!
5.The Roosevelt manor, Grand Manam... It is said to be a very beautiful and huge manor...
6. Gagnon museum of chocolat, St-stephen(I think)... Do I need to give you a reason why I want to visit this place??
7. Grand Fall Gorges... The picture of it in the New-Bruswick touristic brochure seems like it belong to another place, seems gigantic!!
8.King's Landing, Fredericton... I want to see how the Loyalist lived
9. One of those hanging bridge pathway, it doesn't really matter which one. I want to know what it feels like to be hanging in the middle of the air.
10. The rocking Rodeo, Moncton... ok... this one is a night club, but I didn't had a chance to go in that one yet!!
11. The reversing falls, St-John...Falls that goes back??? Seems kite impressive to me!!
12. New-Brunswick museum, St-John... I like museum, so...
13. The pope museum, Caraquet... ok, this one is kind of lame, but it could be interesting to see how rich is the catholic religion through its popes!!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Guys, can you tell me why the hell are you so much predictable??
So yesterday, I was chatting with one of my guy friend... We were talking about all and nothing... When he said he was leaving to take a shower...As my kidding, not serious, self, I said to him "do you need help to wash your back?" And he was like what... So I said to myself, why not tease him... After 5 minutes, I was not even pushing it that hard, he said "I need to go... And you know that I have a girlfriend" , but still ask me something else... And then he was like "bey, godo nigth". I wonder what he was going to do?!?